Welcome! My First Post

It is great, that you visit my website! Thanks a lot


My artist name is Lykka and I welcome you on my music website. My real name is Martina Ledermann, I am a music composer, an author, a nutritionist and translator. I love this works and I am happy, that I have the possibilities in my life, to do this.

Perhaps you will ask yourself what you can do on this website. Especially in the Music area you can hear the best of my composed music. There are music players on the left hand side of the web page. Below the player you can see the cover of the album or ep. Unfortunately, Routenote did not update my old cover against the new one’s and so are in the shops like Amazon elder covers before some years. I hope, this does not matter. I have written to Routenote to change this. I hope they will do so.

How comes the music to life?

Well, this is not a secret. I produce the music and sound with the composing software Musecore. It is fun to produce compositions on my own. Around eight years, I produce electronic music. Musecore is a composing software, which is very easy to use. You see notation lines and the whole notation of your composition. You can play the composed music in Musescore. Also you can download them as MP3 and PDF and more other formats. Musescore is a free software, everyone can use it for free.


From my earliest youth, I love to hear music. When I was younger, I went to alternative discos for to dance and to have fun. I also love the music of other music like Enya, American Gospel singers, Christian music, Irish music and drum’s music.

What else I love

I love animals, especially cats, squirrels and fish. My husband is a cat photographer and a cat counsellor, so we have a lot to do with cats. I love painting/drawing, writing, reading, cooking and also nature and walking in the forests and parks.