Martina Ledermann, Lykka


Lykka was born in 1968 in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. She grew up with her grand parents. Lykka has an education as a secretary and a nutritionist. In the 90th she studied pedagogics and slovanian languages. Still she works as an author, a nutritionist and translator for Czech to German translations.

Since her youth, she loves and hears music. Before approximately eight years, she started to produce music and sounds. On this website you can hear the results of her work.

Lykka loves music and animals, especially cats and fish, she likes nature and walking in the greens. Also she loves to cook and to read. Important themes for Lykka are animal welfare and environmental climatic protection. She loves the earth.

Lykka composes alternative music, Irish folk, meditation and relaxation music and also different sounds. Hear her music samples on the music page on this website. She offers her music in a lot of music stores with the help of Routenote.